Quality Control:

Al-Quds ready mix lab. is fully equipped with testing facilities for aggregate and concrete. All equipment are calibrated by ” The Royal Scientific Society” and “Arab Center For Engineering Studies”. A qualified team of engineers and technicians carry out related tests to insure the best quality of aggregate, admixture, and concrete.

Quality Assurance:

Al-Quds ready mix company signed an agreement with the “Arab Center For Engineering Studies” to assure the quality of aggregates, concrete and admixture produced by AL-Quds. Scheduled regular calibrations and random samples assure the best of quality the company can deliver.

Type of Concrete / Cement / Durability:

The company can produce all types of concrete such as concrete with strength ranges from 10 MPa – 100 MPa . Along with the strength the durability of concrete can range for normal expand concrete to the sea exposed concrete / water tank (impermeable) Fiber reinforced concrete shot Crete for tunnels self compacting concrete and many other concrete types that are suitable for all types of structures and conditions.

The durability parameters can be achieved as follow:

Test Normal cement Medium exposed concrete Serenely exposed concrete
RCPT > 4000
2000- 4000
< 1000
Dint > 20 mm 10 – 20 mm <10 mm
ISAT ——- ——- ——-
A sorption > 20% (1- 2 ) % < 1 %

The designers of the structure can identify the equipments of the concrete to make the structure durable.